Property Management Vancouver, WA

What Is EQWEST Property Management?

We are a family-owned residential property management company located in Vancouver, Washington. Here at EQWEST LLC, our goal is to take the stress out of owning rental property. We have extensive experience in the industry as well as longtime community involvement, so we’re confident EQWEST is your best option for property management in Vancouver, WA.

EQWEST’s Property Management Experience

Property management in Vancouver, WA is our sole focus and something we take great pride in. To give you a taste of the advantages you will have if you choose us as your rental property management company, here are a few of our defining qualities:

  • We have comprehensive experience in residential property management, giving us the ability to assist you in enhancing and maintaining the value of your property.
  • We also have an extensive suite of marketing options, making us one of the most effective property management companies in Vancouver, WA as you seek to market your property and fill vacancies quickly with first-rate candidates.
  • Because we are among the top property management companies in Vancouver, WA, our potential residents must pass a rigorous screening process upon application; we only accept only the most qualified residents. (If you’ve ever dealt with the headache of an eviction or a noise complaint from neighbors, you know how important this is in a property management company.)
  • Additionally, our rental property management services include regular inspections during move-in and move-out times, as well as throughout the leasing period. Our adept contractors will make timely maintenance repairs as needed, whether the problem is a running toilet or storm damage.
  • Our real estate property management expertise includes legal knowledge about the rules and regulations surrounding rental property. We firmly enforce contractual compliance and take appropriate action for any violations of the rental agreement.
  • EQWEST LLC is known for being detail-oriented and efficient, so you can always count on accurate accounting reports, prompt rent collection, and timely transactions.
  • EQWEST collaborates with the Association Board of Directors. We work with them on a variety of financial responsibilities within the association and ensure every transaction is in compliance with the board’s regulations.

As far as property management in Vancouver, WA goes, our abundance of qualifying attributes means your real estate investment is in capable hands. Our biggest priority is your peace of mind.


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Areas of Property Management Expertise

Property management companies in Vancouver, WA have widely varying levels of expertise. EQWEST brings the highest level of experience with residential property management, including serving on and interfacing with condo associations and boards of directors. Over the years, we’ve developed the following property management specialties:

Single-Family Homes Small Rental Properties Multiplex Units
Renting out a single-family home is different than an apartment, studio, or duplex. EQWEST understands these differences and markets your single-family home accordingly. Seeking to rent out a small townhouse or other rental property with fewer than 10 dwellings? EQWEST is your go-to Vancouver property management company. EQWEST provides the highest quality of property management in Vancouver, WA for your duplex, triplex, or fourplex.

Property Management Services

EQWEST is a full-service property management company, so we offer the following residential property services in Vancouver, WA:

  • Rigorous tenant background screening, including searching for criminal records, verifying employment and income, checking credit scores, and more
  • Efficient rent collection every month
  • Real people answering the phone when you call
  • Local marketing connections to find qualified, trustworthy tenants quickly
  • Connections with local contractors and professional remodelers if repairs are needed
  • Detailed monthly accounting reports and year-end financial reports
  • Swift eviction and possession services if necessary
  • Full compliance with all state and federal real estate laws
  • The highest ethical and professional standards

Why Hire a Property Management Company?

If you’re wondering why you should hire a property management company, you’re not alone. You may be tempted to do it yourself, but the truth is that a Vancouver property management company will save you time, stress, and even money in the long run.

That’s because it can be a hassle to find, vet, and collect rent from tenants every month and whenever you have a vacancy. If you’ve never drawn up a rental agreement before or performed a criminal record check, it can be daunting.

We at EQWEST are experts at verifying a tenant’s credentials, ensuring consistent payment, and even the uncomfortable work of evicting someone if worse comes to worse. Did you know you could get into legal trouble or incur fines if you don’t follow the correct process for an eviction? It’s true — property management in Vancouver, WA entails keeping many laws in mind that you might not be familiar with.

If you don’t live near your rental property, it can also be a pain (or simply physically impossible) to make repairs and check in on tenants during the rental period to make sure they’re following regulations. And do you really want to wake up in the middle of the night to a phone call when a tenant’s bathtub springs a leak or suffers storm damage?

All of this is unnecessary stress that you shouldn’t have to worry about. Hiring EQWEST to handle your property management in Vancouver, WA means you can relax and enjoy the consistent flow of income from your valuable rental property! EQWEST keeps your tenants happy — which means better care of your property, lower turnover rates, and ultimately more profit for you.


What Our Property Management Clients Are Saying

Here at EQWEST, we pride ourselves on our client satisfaction for all of our property management services. Here are some recent kudos from happy EQWEST clients:

“I am a single mom and have been renting from Eqwest for over 8 years! Greg and Sue have never been anything but kind, fair and respectful to me in this time. They always receive my payments and have worked with me many times. If anything ever needed done they are always prompt in getting someone out.”


“This is a company that has a heart and cares about their tenants and understands everyday people with everyday lives and the situations that occur to those people…They worked with us every single time I had to reschedule…I’ve been nothing but happy with my experience.”


“I would recommend Eqwest, LLC to ANYONE!”

–Aud Hartsmon

Contact EQWEST

If you’re ready to be free from the burden of property management in Vancouver, WA, EQWEST is the residential property management company of choice by local investment property holders. Contact us today to schedule a visit!

  • Finally, we also provide professional community association management, including financial management tasks, property inspections, and guaranteed attendance at monthly and yearly association board meetings. Learn more about our Vancouver community associations services here.